Taiwan Ecological

Stewardship Association

The Taiwan Christian Ecological Center was started by a group of Christian women in 1992 as an informal Christian fellowship. Registered on June 21st 1998 as Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association, we continue to recruit members from diverse religious backgrounds who share similar values on environmental care.
About TESA
Our Mission

To inculcate the valued principles of environmental ethics through:

1) The study of land ethics.

2) The pursuit of eco-justice.

3) The practice of a simple life.

TESA emphasizes the integration of the various traditional moral and religious dimensions of life with a new ecological worldview, leading to major social and cultural transformations for a healthy sustainable future.

Educational Programs Provided
  • Land Ethic Conferences

  • Eco-Spirituality Lectures

  • Natural Aesthetics Exposures

  • Simple Life Workshops

  • Tribal Village Immersion Camp

International Scholars Invited
  • Baird Callicott (1999, 2000) link

  • Nancy Victorian Vangerud (2002, 2004, 2014) link 

  • Holmes Rolston III. (2004, 2008, 2016) link

  • Branden Mackay (2009, 2010) link 

  • Fatima Matos Almeida (2010, 2014) link

  • Peter and Anne Venton (2014) link

  • Klaus Bosselmann (2015) link

  • Colin Soskolne (2016) link 

Partner of the Earth Charter Initiative (ECI)

As a partner of the Earth Charter Initiative in Taiwan since 2001, TESA has been working together with ECI on two objectives:

  1. Increase the general dissemination and implementation of the Earth Charter in Taiwan.

  2. Encourage and support the educational use of the Earth Charter.

Inspired by the following two principles of the Earth Charter,

Principle 4.b. Transmit to future generations values, traditions, and institutions that support the long-term flourishing of Earth human and ecological communities, and

Principle 9.c. Recognize the ignored, protect the vulnerable, serve those who suffer, and enable them to develop their capacities and to pursue their aspiration,

TESA started to organize the Earth Charter Taiwan Youth Group division in 2005; the other six divisions of ECT are academic, education, business, NGO, religion, and indigenous people.

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About TESA
Partner of the Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI)

Invited by the Caretakers of the Environment International, TESA (and ECT) has actively participated in the CEI annual conferences since 2011. After hosting the 28th conference in Yi-lan Taiwan in 2014, the coordinator Ms Ali Chou-Li Lin was invited to join the CEI international board.

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Member of Global Ecological Integrity Group (GEIG)

TESA started to participate in the GEIG annual conference in 2013 and has invited several key members of GEIG scholars to Taiwan for the educational programs.


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Who We Are

The general assembly of TESA is in charge of the decision making for the association. The board of trustees, elected by the general assembly, is composed of 20 members, with a chairperson who represents the association. The general secretary and administrative secretary are responsible for the projects and educational programs.